Our Team

Our team at FoodSpace® is a highly specialized collection of people who bring decades of industry experience to bear in helping our clients find the right solutions for their projects.

Joe Chef Coat Cropped

Joseph Schumaker

CEO, chef, founder, foodie and food advocate, entrepreneur, kitchen designer accelerating in the food space.

Marci Cropped

Marci Pick

Vice President, management consultant, amateur baker and food lover, therapist, background handler of all things food space.

Renee Cropped


Associate Principal, outdoor adventurist, wine snob, mom to three spoiled pups and two sweet boys.

Chris Cropped


Production Manager, designer, maker, technocrat, planner, veteran, and virtual creator of the food space.

Jen Cropped

jen hollenbeck

Project Manager, organizer, lover of travel and local cuisines, baker, gardener, DIYer, mom of two grown children, dog lover.


joshua murray

Drafter, outdoor adventure enthusiast, animal lover, and experience seeker.

Nikhil Cropped


Project Manager, business development, globetrotter, experience seeker and sports enthusiast.



Program Coordinator, foodie, Disney lover and travel enthusiast.

Nick Cropped

nicholas perroni

Program Coordinator, customer service strategist, food enthusiast dedicated to innovating and enhancing food experiences, expert in fostering impactful collaborations within the culinary industry.

Tara Cropped

Tara fuchs
Office Manager/Bookkeeper, boy mom,
New Yorker to Idahoan, Disney World enthusiast.