FoodSpace® design can often seem like a complex riddle: how can I select and arrange equipment and services to best optimize for my specific business goals?

Innovative Solutions

When it comes to planning your food space, we can help you solve the difficult puzzle.



– Equipment procurement

– Vendor selection

– HACCP Plan Development

– Menu Creation



At FoodSpace we bring our deep industry knowledge and experience to help you solve these problems.  FoodSpace® can craft a solution that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

Equipment Procurement
Procuring equipment for your facility can be tricky. We work with some of the best dealers in the industry to get you the best service and price. We are not affiliated or compensated by any dealer so we are a completely independent resource to help specify and procure the right equipment.

RFP Management
On your behalf, we manage the vendor selection process. We create a custom Request for Proposal (RFP) that has been crafted specifically to give potential vendors enough information to provide a comprehensive proposal without hampering creativity and financial prowess.

HACCP Plan Development
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan is a mouthful. We breakdown your operation and create meaningful and tactical procedures that make sense to your operational requirements. We build in a Standard Operations Procedure for each area to meet the local, state and federal Health and Safety requirements.

Menu Development
With our extensive culinary background, we can identify your needs and help you to create the right menu and stay within your food cost requirements. Tasty food that makes you profitable is always the common goal.